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About Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Brennan Heating & AC, Inc. was founded in 1947 by Richard (Dick) W. Brennan. Since the beginning, Brennan Heating and Air has remained a family owned and operated business. What started out as a one man shop behind the Brennan house is now a 10,000 square foot shop, showroom and office complex with two separate warehouses. Early on, Dick had an idea for his business to not only consist of a duct work, but, also, be a versatile shop that could work with different types of metal, regardless of thickness. Whenever equipment needed replaced, he looked to the future and purchased faster and heavier equipment. Dick's innovative thought process continues today with the acquisition of a one-hundred amp plasma cutter, square wave welders, quarter inch capacity shear, and other heavy duty equipment.

Over the past 50 years, Brennan has worked for Capital Records/EMI, Nestle's, Mobil, Pactiv, National Starch and RCA, Illinois College, MacMurray College, school district 117, and surrounding school districts. Brennan has, also, done work on both coasts of the United States and overseas. Brennan works both residentially and commercially.

With a large inventory of different sheet metals and shaped iron, Brennan is a very versatile shop and can do almost anything a customer wants from galvanized ductwork and stainless steel tanks to machinery guards and ornamental copper-work. Our skilled union craftsmen are able to turn out any quantity desired in a quick fashion.

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